Media in English

Christian Roudaut  is a journalist and a writer. Now based in Paris, he works for the TV Channel Arte, France 5 and for M. Le magazine du Monde. Before he was a foreign correspondent and reporter in the UK for Radio France. He’s currently working on his 7th book. His third and last film documentary on French presidents was broadcast in 2019.

Christian has been contributing to a broad range of radio and TV programmes in GB such as, among others:

The World Today – BBC World service – Affaire DSK

BBC radio 5 live – DSK peut-il faire son come-back ?

« Today Programme » – BBC Radio 4 – La France en Libye

BBC world service – The News Hour – Le journalisme anglais V le journalisme français

BBC1 – The One Show

BBC1 – The One Show – Le mariage royal

Al Jazeera English – L’affaire des Roms